The most emblematic challenge of the Continental Rally, involving actions in energy, water, food and waste, now to be developed by 4 friends,  with different sustainability approaches. In this challenge, students will work together, and with their parents , in an entrepreneurial action based on an Audiovisual Podcast in issues such as: 1. Cooking 2. Recycling 3. Reports 3. Artistic talents. Get ready to boost your skills and hit the mark with Omar, Saggy, Lilo and Silvio!

This is a challenge to imagine and build the future. Here, students will develop an audiovisual product in which they place the school as the center of the new city, leading, developing and promoting clean and accessible transportation for the local community. All participant must understand the risk, manage it and be prepare to deal whith it. Products must be shown in a local audiovisual festival that uses the internet as a dissemination tool but also to obtain resources, both inside and outside school.


The ST2REAM CHALLENGE CAMP is a technological challenge in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, with three additional components: Reading, arts and bidirectional pedagogy, which will take place in 2 environments: virtual and head on.

In the first hand, elementary and middle school students and teachers jointly will deal with specific problems of their educational community in the areas of energy efficiency, water, waste, food safety, as well as ecosystem management and disaster risks, generating integrative responses such as: devices, applications, useful technological tools, capable of calling the participation of the local community, involving public-private actors and generating resources to school projects.

In the second hand, the best experiences converge in a national park of the participating country, coming along with a national university and a private company, to develop high-impact tools addresing some local sustainability jams in situ..


With Carla, you will join a rough challenge where the school community come together to mitigate the effects of climate change in the local area. This activity will trial school leadership to articulate with various social actors, such as: local environmental authority, institutions, donors and other schools. The planted trees will be cared for 3 years and the planting area will become a scientific and academic research area with the leading school in charge.

Students are encouraged to read the Esperanza books, thereby imagining a third book tackling an outlined problem, displaying all their literary and design talents, writing and drawing an unpublished book on Sustainability and Disaster Risk Management based on their own community experiences. They will put up for sale in digital media. The best-selling book has its reward and the best illustrations are presented as part of the Continental Rally in an international museum that we will set aside with our partners. 


The Vive con Esperanza award from the Continental Rally.

An international recognition of the local leadership of schools in ESD and DRM.

Since 2014, the Continental Rally has stood out as the first international, inclusive and participatory competition aimed at transforming educational institutions (Preschool, basic and secondary) of the Americas into models of education, science and technology for the Sustainability and Risk Management of Disasters, with an emphasis on the local community.


The Rally takes place inside each participating educational institutions in any of the countries of the Americas.

Continental Rally deadlines are:

North America: October 2, 2023

The Caribbean: April 2, 2024

Central America: August 2, 2024

South America: July 2, 2024


Conditions to participate.

The registration will be open to all the schools of the Americas from March 3, 2023, public schools have the right to a free registration.

 If you are a directeur, master, parent or student, the seule exigence is to send us an official involvement certification.




Picture: Aiquile`s School, Cochabamba, Bolivia. Participant of the Continental Rally 2014


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